Police step up hunt for Mumbai bombers 

Police step up hunt for Mumbai bombers

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MUMBAI: Police stepped up search for the Mumbai bombers tracing calls made to Pakistan and Bangladesh as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrives in the city on Friday to meet people wounded in the attacks.

Police continued raids in Mumbai and surrounding areas, a day after India named Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group as the prime suspect behind Tuesday's rail network bombings that killed 179 people and wounded hundreds more.

Officials had said the toll was 186, but revised it downwards due to what they said was duplication in counting.

Investigators said there were looking at international calls made from phone booths immediately after the blasts.

Police detained a young man, dressed as a burqa-clad woman, late on Thursday night at the city's international airport, besides the 20 people already held.

"We have detained a man moving about suspiciously at the international terminal. He has been changing his statements," Chandrahans Chauhan, a police investigator, told Reuters. "He also claimed that he is a pilot".

The police had stepped up security in the city as Prime Minister Singh will visit at least one hospital and possibly a bomb site.

Investigators have also made sketches of three suspects seen at sites of the attacks, which hit crowded railway carriages and stations in the nation's financial hub during evening rush-hour.

India's nuclear rival and neighbour Pakistan -- often blamed by Indian officials for abetting terrorism in India -- said on Thursday it was ready to help India in its investigation.

But India's Minister of State for foreign affairs told Reuters on that Pakistan was not doing enough to control Islamist militant groups on its soil which launch attacks on India.

"What I would like to say is they surely should do more," Anand Sharma said in an interview.

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