Meet on security forces excesses and role of women 

Meet on security forces excesses and role of women

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Commemorating the historical protest by the Imas of Manipur at the western gate of Kangla against the alleged murder of Manorama in custody by the Assam Rifles, a discussion was held on the movement against the excesses of security forces and the day was marked as a day for respecting the contribution of women in the movement.

Speaking as a presidium member, P Sakhi, president AMKIL, said, "We should stop resigning ourselves to our fate. What we are facing today is not due to our fate, rather it is the creation of our own doing and we alone can undo it. Indian Constitution has given us the right to vote but our right to free and safe life is not given."

She spoke on the need for protecting our youths from the armed excesses and the role women should play. She also advised the youths, specially men, to be not victimized by drugs and other foreign influences.

"If the government can used the strength of security forces to arrest an alleged insurgent, why can`t the same force be used sincerely and with equal passion against drug addiction and trafficking?" asked S Leirangton, advisor AMUVA, speaking as an invitee.

Lamenting that there is no governance in Manipur, Leirangton said that whether the people burn themselves, got raped or fast unto death, the government shows no concern. She asked, "Are we electing our leaders to use tear gas and rubber bullets against us once the election gets over?"

Calling the present government most irresponsible, A Sitara Begum, president United Manipuri Women`s Organisation, presidium member of today`s function, said, "This government ignores all its responsibilities and put the burden on others and use meira paibis for political gains."

Commenting on some remarks allegedly made by the CM at a function yesterday, Sitara Begum said, "The minister made some unsolicited comments yesterday. He questioned whether the state is being ruled by the women organizations and that the state is backward due to the involvement of women in socio-politics of the state. I would like to ask if the CM was not given birth by his mother."

She said that election in the midst of continued killings and human rights violations due to AFSPA is meaningless.

Rose Mangsi Haokip, president Kuki Mothers Association made an appeal to recognize and appreciate the efforts of Manipuri women who are daily waging an untiring war against drug and alcohol. WACAK president S Ibetombi, also questioned the purpose of having narcotic bureaus and excise department when all the initiative against drug in the state is taken up by the women.

Y Leirikleima, president Kanglamei said that instead of taking any problem to the "enemy, let us solve our differences together by discussing and finding out a workable solution." Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur`s president L Memchoubi also appealed that differences can only be worked out by discussion and by using one`s intellect.

Th Ramani, secretary general All Manipur Women Reformation and Development Samaj; P Biduleima, asst general secretary MEEKHOL, Ksh Phajaton, president CLK and Khumanleima, president IMA spoke as invitees.

Most of the speakers appealed for reviving the dimming glory of the meira paibis and to move tirelessly against the Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958 by remembering that Sharmila is fasting alone in a corner for the people.

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